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Less than 5 minutes walk from the centre of Cadaqués

8 apartments equipped with:
• Kitchen
• Sitting-dining room
• A bathroom with a shower
• Bedroom with double bed
• Bedroom with 2 single beds
• etc.

Cadaqués and surroundings

Inside the region of the Alt Empordà, near al Cap of Creus, we find Cadaqués.

Cadaqués is found in the middle of solid rock in contact with the sea, where you can only arrive through the local road, or by the sea.

In the highest point of the old town centre, we find the Santa Maria Church, building of the late Gothic, initiated in the middle of the 16th Century and finished the 18th century. Inside we find a baroque altarpiece of wood done in 1725 and gold in 1788, designed by Jacint Moretó and carried out by Pau Coast.

Cadaqués has an accentuated relation with the art, thanks to the painter Savior Dalí, who was linked to the neighboring bay of Portlligat, that from the forties, he built his curious residence.
Since many years before, but, Cadaqués already was the chosen place to pass short or long seasons of tranquility for many artists and intellectual people that gave Cadaqués a great prestige and renown, above all inside the circles of painters and plastic artists.

Cadaqués, is a notable town in the Costa Brava, its beaches, the gastronomy, etc.. The combination of mountain with the sea, does an extraordinary place. Who comes to Cadaqués, can't miss the HOUSE SERINYANA, or more known as blue house, year 1910/1913. Modernist building. The OLD CENTRE of the town, protected by a stone-wall, that even the access is conserved, the porch des ratell, and also can be appreciated the tower Baluart, tower semicylindrical, called also tower of wood, that had the function of watching place. The MAS DE LA SALA, one of the last field-houses we can find in good condition. Belonged to the Sala family. The CASINO DE L' AMISTAT, Old company of charity LA BENEFICA, founded at the ends of the 19th century. At present is a Center of cultural Activities. 1870 Neoclassical. The CHURCH OF SANTAMARIA, parochial church of Santa Maria which raises in the highest point of the old centre town, presiding the village.

It begun in the middle of the 16th century, is majority of a late Gothic style. The facade is crowned by a bell tower of square base with an upper octagonal body.

We can contemplate one of the most interesting baroque altarpieces that they are conserved. Projected by Jacint Moretó, the executors were Pau Coast and Joan Towers. In the altarpieces base you can read the inscription done in 1725, golden the 1788. It is preceded by the image of Maria and crowned by Sant Tomàs image. The baroque decoration of this church it is complete with nine altarpieces more of golden wood and of smaller measures. The outside part is whitewashed as the majority of the houses of the locality. PORTLLIGAT and the house of Savior Dalí, or the CAP DE CREUS are places that must be visited.
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